Erik Ian

Erik Ian Schaetzke, aka Erik Ian, aka Coach started his life’s journey in Toledo, OH (the Buckeye State) moved to the Bronx, NY (the Empire State) at 4 year of age. Fell hard for photography while studying at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Paid his dues in NYC and shot his way west.

Currently living in sunny Los Angeles, CA (the Golden State) with his wife and kids (no pets), blurring the lines between art and commerce on a daily basis.

Here is a cross-section of the diverse brands he shoots for; Fear of God, L'Uomo Vogue, Mother Denim, N.E.R.D., Facebook, J Brand, Nike, GQ, Instagram, Miley Cyrus, Heineken, Vibe, Adidas, AFRM, and Wrangler to name a few.

In addition to taking pictures Erik enjoys the beach, the pool, dodgeball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, running, hiking, obstacle racing, volley ball, badminton, disc golf in general spending time out doors with friends and family.