Scarlett Kapella

Scarlett Kapella is a photographer & visual artist based in Los Angeles.  
Aside from her candid lifestyle photography, she's gained recognition for her work BITCH! You Strippin' chronicling life inside the famed Hollywood Boulevard strip joint, Jumbo’s Clown Room. A unique and playful look into the world of on & off duty Strippers & burlesque beauties that exude female empowerment. 
'My work has been described as femme wild life photography, which I really love.  
This organically became my never ending photo journalism project, I love to capture candid moments amidst elegant sleaze and share them with the world.  The women are allowed to represent themselves, situations, moods & I love working in some nostalgia appreciation.'
Dazed Magazine described her work as "raw and in your face, with a layer of femininity and softness.