Scottie Cameron

Scottie is a Los Angeles based director, writer and still photographer who prides himself on meticulously art directed visuals that intrigue and engage. He has directed music videos and advertising content for numerous bands and brands with worldwide commercial campaign clients such as Nike, Apple, Johnnie Walker, Speedo, Levi’s and Vans.

Inspired by traditional filmmaking techniques and analog processes that elevate the banal, his work blurs the lines of what’s real or not. His music video LOSER for Los Angeles indie band MOBY RICH featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes garnered a lot of attention at film festivals both locally and internationally.

Previous short films include EL PORTAFOLIO, WELCOME TO PROM, BACKYARD LEGENDS for NEW BALANCE and a series of vignettes for VOGUE MAGAZINE titled EVERYTHING ELSE CHANGES.

His latest short film OFFICER STANLEY, which he both wrote and directed, is premiering at Tribeca Film 2024.